Ipad mini Lcd half dead after digitizer replacement

Discussion in 'iPad DIY' started by csk34, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Hello everybody!
    I just tried to fix my iPad mini after my father broke the digitizer.
    So....where do I start??
    • First time I do this kind of operations
    • Removed the broken digitizer (that was messy...glass shattered everywhere!)
    • Removed the lcd and shield plate
    • Disconnected broken digitizer, lcd and battery
    • Cleaned up everything
    • Connected the new digitizer, lcd and battery
    • Tested the iPad to see if everything was working
    • PROBLEM!
    There is no backlight but you can see the icons on the lcd, the problem is that the left half of the screen is dead!
    I tried to disconnect and re-connect the lcd again but nothing changed, have I damaged something while I was removing the lcd??
    Can someone help me out???

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