Ipad maybe SPYING in your BANK Acc. & Life

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by JohnCool, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. JohnCool

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    Dec 14, 2011
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    I-Pad has the ability to know everything about you. HOW?
    You can NOT use ipad without hooking to internet or I-Tunes application.
    You can not delete your pics or video until you re-connect to your PC.
    You can not get an application (Program) to read a book or download a game to your ipad (Free or otherwise) without an account with Apple Store.
    Its almost unusable on its own (It needs ALL your DATA from everywhere)

    So this is where the SPY possibility STRONGLY exists.
    To connect to Apple Store (Even for free downloads)
    (2) You have to give them your Phone number
    (3) You Have to give your registered address.
    (4) Your other bank account details will be connected to your card. (Tax man has the right to snoop everywhere) & maybe others?
    (5) No incognito (private) form of payment or registry is accepted.

    (6) Now the scary bit! The ipad has a built in GPS. So it knows where you are at all times.
    (7) If you use the Map it knows (& remembers) your route plan before you get there!
    (8) The microphone and cameras I THINK we control?
    (9) Synchronizing with your computer with "Cloud" allows everything to transfer so easily. (All your computer mail contacts)
    (10) If you have hooked your phone (or someone's) to your PC the call contacts,SMS messages & history are all there.
    (11) So maybe you think you will turn it off when you want & you are safe from SPY possibilities. Maybe remove the Battery??????????
    No that would make it too easy to stop it from making a periodic time file of GPS. position, voice, & maybe nothing?
    (12) So Exactly what permission have you given??? (To WHO?) when you hook to internet (sending AUTOMATIC CACHE files to your computer) which happens when you next synchronize.

    Maybe non of this happens but you have been told what possibilities are.

    PS. iphones have already been caught out (Discovered) for making hidden files of your position in their memory. (The question is WHY???? & When do they get sent ???) If they are hidden they are not for THE USERS benefit are they??.
    Use your common sense and put logic into it. Why was it made that way?.
    John Cool.
  2. DrHouse

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    And your point is?

    I mean that if you are so afraid, maybe you should lock your self in the basement with enough food until the end of days... Seriously, don't you think you are over reacting a bit?

    With credit cards, companies could trace all your purchase since the beginning
    With your credit report, they can see how much you have spent on your mortgage, your car, your boat...
    With your phone line, they can trace who are your friends, family or whatever
    With your tax declaration, they know how much you have
    Should I continue?

    And no Internet access was needed to do that 10 years ago... It is just easier now with the global access...

    So, again, what is your point? I'm pretty sure that there is enough info out there to make my psychological profile, even if I take care of my personal data. But at the same time, it is buried in a gazillion data info from around the world... So they know who my friends are, what I have bought yesterday and hoe much I earn... Good for them. If there is an issue in my personal life, there are ways to fix or lat least mitigate the issues.

    I can say, you gave me a good laugh, thanks!

    VicoPad addict!
  3. MoonlitSonata

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    May 8, 2011
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    Wow, I didn't realize how much paranoia exists in our world.

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