iPad marketshare continues to impress

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    For the past few years, Apple has seen skyrocketing success and ever-growing market shares. Fueled by the ever-popular iPhone line, which has been constantly upgraded and always leaving customers wanting more, the company has come back with huge sales and estimations. Another big help for Apple’s growing profits has been the launch and upgrade of the iPad.

    And things seem to keep going more than well for the tech giant. Yesterday, the UBS’s analyst Maynard Um has released a statement where by he estimates a continuous growth of Apple’s market share. According to Um, Apple is looking to sell some 37.9 million units of the iPad alone by the end of the year, giving them a 63% market share. Apparently, the tablet market has been driven almost solely by the iPad so far. While competitors have been battling to gain their own place on the tablet market, none has even gotten close to the iPad’s success.

    UBS’s analyst has forecasted that the two direct Apple followers, Samsung and Asustek will see sales of 5 million and 2.2 million units respectively for their tablets. This, as anyone can see, is a far cry from Apple’s massive lead. Further predictions take us into 2012. It seems that the numbers for next year are a little lower for the iPad, as Um announced some 53 million units to be sold, which will decrease Apple’s market share to a “mere†58%.

    Other findings are a little more surprising than this. According to the analyst, PC sales will drop this year. His first estimation brought forward a 6.3% increase in sales, but he has now adjusted that to only 4.5%.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: AppleInsider
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    Yep they are now the #1 Smartphones Manufacturers in the world.. Surely that is only because of iPhone and iPad.. I wonder what would happen to Apple when someone else comes up with the better device. We have seen everyone going down..

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