iPad is Now the UK’s Most Searched-For Apple Product

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 5, 2010.

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    ITProPortal reports today that the iPad has now taken over from the iPhone 4 as the most searched Apple product on Google in the UK. According to a Google Trends graph featured by ITProPortal, the iPad really started to pull away from the iPhone 4 this November in terms of number of searches, and it's been rising sharply ever since. As ITProPortal points out, this bears out the results of several recent surveys that have people placing the iPad at the top of their gift lists, such as the one by Vouchercodes that found that more than a third of respondents to their survey wanted the iPad for Christmas, as opposed to the iPhone 4 which received a quarter of the votes. And these figures look set to continue, with iPad interest in the UK on the up and up following on from this week's news of several UK mobile carriers selling the iPad at heavily subsidised rates to customers signing up for monthly contracts.

    Source: iPad Surpasses iPhone 4 As UK's Most Searched Apple Product | ITProPortal.com
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    I can see why, certainly the most interesting product they have had for a long time

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