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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hi I'm in a somewhat remote part of southeast Asia (Sihanoukville) with an iPad Air that is disabled.

    I bought the Air in Pattaya 10/2014 , it was fine. After 4~5 months the battery started recharging down to a lesser max, though. Down to a max of 5%, then just not above it.

    I took the tablet to the Mall in Pattaya, they replaced the battery, and it all worked like new. (Battery back up to 100%).

    I set off for Sihanoukville, and after arriving, had an accident on a motorcycle with the Air on board. My fault.

    There is no evident physical damage or problem, but,

    1. I hook the Air to the laptop and switch on King & Home switches.

    2. I get "iPad is disabled" & "connect to iTunes" message. No option to "restore," or "recover" the iPad, though.

    3. Then I get the white background Apple background for maybe 10 seconds, and it switches off. Background comes back if I keep the buttons depressed. Otherwise, it just loops.

    4. If I keep the buttons depressed, the background just loops, on and off again.

    *I'd be happy with a factory reset, that option is not evident just now, though.

    Does anyone know someone in Sihanoukville who has technical skills to fix the iPad?

    Does anyone know anyone, be it in Pattaya, Phnom Penh, Bangkok or Saigon with the ability to make the iPad work like new again?


    BTW, this is a WiFi only machine.

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