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    I have noticed from the beginning that the iPad had a promising future in fields like medicine. Today, I read that Yale School of Medicine is giving 64Gb 3G iPad 2s to all incoming medical students (~520 students). These come preloaded with all the curriculum and handouts. It eliminates a huge stack of papers, and has the added advantage of showing the handouts in color. This makes Yale the fourth major medical school to incorporate the iPad. The rationale used is that medicine is moving to a tablet based operation and medical students need to learn how to use them now, instead of later. With the number of applications that will be developed for the iPads for these types of uses, it will tend to ensure that the iPad will dominate future sales. IT departments do not like having to make major changes to accomodate different OS devices. Once they have a decent program for iOS, many will stick with it for all future purchases unless forced to change.
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    My ortho doctor has all kinds of programs on his Iphone including Dragondictate. I haven't had to see him for awhile but I am guessing he will have an Ipad2 for his work. He was always ahead of the times being on his Iphone to explain surgeries to me.

    As a social worker for CPS, I see many programs that are useful, especially to explain to parents and foster parents about illnesses, medications, and preventive care.

    I use WebMd and a drug program that explains the different medications for myself and my clients. Videos are helpful too.

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