iPad Helps Build Hospitals (sort of!)

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    A Nashville-based construction company called NoliWhite today announced that it has begun an initiative incorporating the use of iPads on hospital and other healthcare-related construction sites. The initiative, which has been named Project Information Integration, is currently being piloted on the construction of John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital's new North Tower in Thomasville, GA.

    The initiative will involve craftsmen and supervisors using iPads to view constant links to virtual plan rooms, via 3G, no matter where they are on the site.

    NoliWood has already found that using iPads in the pilot project has lead to an estimated cost saving of $179,000 in printing alone. Meanwhile, onsite craftsmen and supervisors have reported that the iPad is much easier to use in the field than a laptop, with one craftsman in particular saying, "It just makes everything so easy and fast, and I really think that it is making me better at what I do every day."

    Source: The NoliWhite Group

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