iPad hacker sentenced to 41 months in jail

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    Apple has been recently the target of a prolific hacker, who managed to break in the tech giant’s iPad data bank and stole some precious information. Andrew Auernheimer has already been convicted by a federal government to 41 months in prison. He was charged of breaking into the servers of one of America’s major carriers - AT&T, and from there, accessing the personal information of 100,000 iPad users.

    Honorable district Judge Susan Wingenton, presided the case and she didn’t take the accusation lightly. She gave Auernheimer the maximum sentence, just as the U.S Department of Justice requested to end​​ the case. Don’t think that the 27 year old hacker accessed information about your average iPad users only. No, he aimed quite high and uncovered personal data about well known public figure like the New York Mayor – Michael Bloomberg, the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel or ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer.

    Before the conviction was finalized, Auernheimer stated to the press:

    "In my country, there’s a problem, and that problem is the Feds... Attorneys in their sub-humanity lethally lord over people that are trying to contribute something to humanity. And I’m going to prison for arithmetic? I added one to a f****g’ number on a public web server and I aggregated data and I gave it to a journalist."

    Just before the sentence was voiced, Auernheimer was cuffed by court workers, but was that really necessary? Is cyber crime the new violent crime? On top of the jail time, the hacker was also ordered to pay a huge $73,000 fine.

    Source: FoxBusiness
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Mar 20, 2013.

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