[iPad Exclusive] Brogguts - An Indie RTS for Any Gamer

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    Brogguts is a real time strategy game based in the future, where space trash has become the universal currency of the galaxy. Nicknamed ‘Brogguts’, this ubiquitous resource becomes the prime focus of all companies and colonies looking to make money.

    What started as an independent study by a student at Tufts University became a fully playable and enjoyable real time strategy game. I encourage those who have development questions and/or constructive feedback to please let me know at brogguts@gamesindorms.com.

    Get it for only $0.99 during the release week (starting 02/07/2012) and if you're happening to catch it a little later, hopefully you can spare the $2.99.

    iTunes Link

    Enough talk, here are some screenshots to encourage you!


    If you have any more questions, feel free to check out the Broggut website for more information.


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