iPad educational sales double, leaving Macs behind

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    The Apple tablet has managed to carve a place for itself in every field of human activity, and apparently is really thriving in some. Apple just published a report this week stating that the iPad sales in the educational sector have doubled since last year, leaving Mac sales behind.

    The reason for the higher adoption of tablets in education in the third quarter of the fiscal year seem to be the cut down prices for the iPad 2 (now a model comes with a $399 price tag) after the release of the next generation tablet.
    All in all Apple managed to ship 17 million iPad in the June quarter. The sales increased with 84% when compared to the ones of last year.

    Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer admitted that the June quarter was the best for the tablet in terms of education, at the fiscal earnings conference call:

    "The iPad continues to be a great success in the U.S. education market. Even though, as I mentioned earlier, we achieved all-time record Mac sales to U.S. education institutions during the quarter, we sold more than twice as many iPads as Macs."

    Oppenheimer brought into discussion the Mansfield Texas Independent School District strategy that plans to use the tablets (they acquired 11,000 devices) in the “Power Up!†program in an attempt to modernize traditional teaching methods and bring them forth into the new millennia. The “Power Up!†site brings into attention that more than 200 teachers and administrative staff have signed up for iPad literacy courses. Apparently, Apple’s aggressive marketing strategies within the educational field are starting to pay off.

    By Radu

    Source: Apple's iPad education sales double, outperform Mac 2-to-1
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    iPad being used for sales on the road

    I work for Blue Orange Apps in Panama City, Panama. We made iPO.

    It's an app that a bunch of people with sales reps teams, tradeshows, wholesale and retail business have been using. iPO - Catalog & Sales. It's for iPad. It has a bunch of features a lot of people have found useful, such as:

    • Freemium model - very few, or no other apps do this - that I’ve seen. We actually just implemented this to get word of mouth out - like Dropbox did.
    • Very quick to set up. Just fill an Excel sheet and drag product pictures into your Dropbox
    • Pictures are displayed upfront and products are given priority, like a Catalog app should be. No head-akes setting up a bunch of other stuff
    • Really easy to integrate with any CRM through a flat file API - products, clients and orders all importable and exportable with CSV files
    • The app is pretty quick, navigation-wise.
    • Categories, subcategories and even multifiltered subsubcategories
    • Global product search
    • Camera barcode scanning - we’ll be looking into laser barcode scanning soon
    • Interface is really intuitively designed
    • Purchase orders are sent to client and back end office
    • You can sell offline - products are all local on the iPad - this is critical
    • You can take client and sales rep signature with really good digital signature technology


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