iPAD does not show up in iTunes or Windows Explorer

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by rajeevg44, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Dear All,

    I am using iPOD touch for last two years and it works absolutely fine on my Laptop which runs Windows 7 Home Premium and Latest version of iTunes i.e.

    Last week, I bought 16 GB iPAD (without 3G) and was sad to see that it is not connecting and not saying good morning to me. As I am an advance user of PC, I did little bit of homework on internet. I read in one article that if Autoplay is turned off in Windows or network drive is shared as next letter of DVD ROm, then iTunes and Windows Explorer can behave unexpectedly. I cross checked both of the issues and disconnected all my shared network drives. I also turned on Autoplay feature on all drives (which was disabled to prevent spread of viruses though flash drives).

    I read in another article that Apple Mobile Device Service should be running. So, I switched off my iPAD completely and then connected on USB port. It took some power from USB port and shows beautiful logo of apple and thereafter it showed "connect it to iTunes" which it is not doing. I confirmed from computer management console that Apple Mobile Device Service was started and running.

    Finally, I came to conclusion that there is "something" which is preventing iPAD to initiate installation of USB drivers and connect to iTUNES.

    I also tried the same procedure with another desktop computer running Windows XP with same results.

    Kindly let me know about any solutions.



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