iPad DJ Rana Sobahny’s Five Essentials For iPad DJs in the Making

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By Maura on Jul 12, 2010 at 2:36 PM
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    iPad DJ Rana Sobhany’s Five Essentials For iPad DJs in the Making


    iPad DJ Rana Sobhany attracted a lot of attention when she claimed to be the first iPad DJ a couple of months back. We ran a news story on her here, as did many other websites, and her YouTube video got over half-a-million views. MacLife just ran another interesting article on her, part of which features her top five essentials for aspiring iPad DJ:

    1. Buy two iPads - Just as two turntables are standard for any DJ, so are two iPads.
    2. Buy a Mixer - Rana recommends Numark mixers, and uses a Numark M3 herself.
    3. Cables - Rana’s setup consists of three RCA-to-minijack cables, with two of the minijack inputs going into the iPads, and the RCA cables plugged into the back of the mixer. The third minijack cable is for audio-out, and she says that she always keeps a 1/8 inch-to1/4 inch adaptor handy as well in case the speaker system requires it.
    4. Choose Your Tunes - Now for the bangin’ tunes! Rana recommends that you decide what type of music you want to play and then download some corresponding apps. With 5,000 apps available for download via the iPad store, as well as compatible iPhone apps, you’re spoilt for choice. For Hip-Hop, she suggests the IK Multimedia Groovemaker Hip-Hop app, for example.
    5. Practice! - According to Rana, if you’re already a DJ, it’s vital to practice using the iPad’s touchscreen, as well as practicing adjusting to the lack of hardware controls on the iPad’s apps. Beginners should concentrate on learning timing and matching beats per minute between the two iPads. She adds that familiarizing yourself with sound libraries is very important if you want to control the sounds you’re making. You should also take time to test out as many different apps as possible to get the sounds that you want.
    Source: MacLife
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 12, 2010.

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      You didn't spell her name properly plus this is news from like the beginning of May
    3. Maura
      Thanks MikesTooLz and ipadbuzzblog for pointing out the errors, I've corrected the name typo and have to confess, I didn't realise this story was from May 7th, I read it as the US way of writing the date so thought it was July 5th! My bad, many apologies!:eek: We were reasonably quick off the mark with the initial story though, so hopefully that makes up for it a little, and the tips are still quite handy, albeit two months late! :eek:

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