iPad Causes Ruckus in German Parliament

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 25, 2010.

By Maura on Jun 25, 2010 at 6:42 PM
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    The iPad may be a slim, slight object, but it certainly manages to make a big noise for itself around the world. Now it’s been causing trouble in the German Bundestag, or parliament. Free Democrats Backbencher Jimmy Schulz kicked off the furore when he took his iPad to the stage to give a speech. Everything was going well until the iPad unexpectedly crashed in the middle of Schulz’s speech. This immediately alerted the assembled throng to the fact that he was using a digital device, which is not allowed in the Bundestag.

    Apparently those on the more traditional side of things are saying that to use such new fangled things as the iPad takes away from the dignity of parliament. Jimmy Schulz countered by blowing the whistle big time on German Chancellor Merkel, saying that she and her cabinet colleagues can often be seen discreetly using their BlackBerrys during a debate.

    “Even if it’s not allowed, most of us are doing it,†Schulz told Deutsche Welle. “And I was just the first one to use, well, a more appropriate media for that; a larger tool where you can read the things, and reply to emails better than what you can do with your smartphone.â€

    Schulz also confessed that he’d only just purchased his iPad a couple of hours before he made his speech, and therefore didn’t really know how to use it.
    The German Parliamentary Rules Committee is now debating whether or not to lift the ban on digital devices, so it could be Jimmy Schulz will soon be able to proudly wave his iPad around in public!

    Source: Deutsche Welle


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 25, 2010.

    1. Checkpoint
      Personally, this seems pretty dumb that one cannot freely use their iPad in the German Parliament, but then again... what do I know? :)
    2. pocholo
      A much important concern here is that... Why did the iPad crash? :D
    3. Hasty
      The dignity of parliament........ptui!

      The iPad didn't crash, he just pressed the wrong button :)
    4. pik0
      Awesome story! Now he's in league with the PM of Norway.

      Too bad Obama will never be allowed to use one... :p

    5. iVan
      Shows how retro and conservative governmental institutions can be. You need to pass a law to pass a fart...
    6. Gabi
      I concur ;)
    7. Temp40
      Parliament + Dignity = oxymoron

      I needed a good laugh :D
    8. sandra
      Huh, how cute..While the Russian leader Medvedev publicly admires Steve Jobs and the Apple corporation, and then boasts of being presented with new iPhone 4 by Jobs...the German puritanical parliament in all seriousness discusses whether digital devices will destroy its dignity...Oh those politicians...I don`t even know what`s funnier...LOL:D
    9. kheldour
      It is just another poor example, how German government thinks and ruins the democracy and freedom in our beloved German nation.

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