iPad Black Friday deals at Target, Best Buy, Staples and Walmart

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    Apple's Black Friday deals for US and Canada consumers in Apple's Store include gift cards for purchasing iPads, iPods, Macs and other products. Gift cards start for as low as $25 for an Apple TV purchase or as high as $150 for a Mac purchase. So, since Apple has decidednot to discount iPads for its own Black Friday sale this year, shoppers can turn to the company's online retail partners.

    Target, Best Buy, Staples and Walmart offer a wide variety of savings and promotions on current and previous generation iPad models. Of course, you should hurry up and make your pick, because the stock could get depleted any moment now. Here are the links to retailers and some iPad deals for this Black Friday shopping bonanza:
    • Best Buy - Save $50-$70 on iPad Airs
    • Target - $20 off iPad Airs + Free $100 Gift Card, Free $75 Gift Card with each iPad mini
    • Staples - Up to $150 off iPads and iPad minis
    • Wal-Mart - Assorted discounts on previous-gen iPads with some iPad mini Retina display tablets in stock
    • MacMall - $41- to $70 off iPad Airs (phone orders only)

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    Not very smart on Apples part, oh well.

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