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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Eddiegnz1, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Trying to set up the iPad to become the universal remote control for a home theater. Here are the instructions I received in an email from tech support at iRule; copy/paste
    Hi Eddie,
    I just want to check if you properly followed the instructions to add WF2IR to your WiFi network? By first connecting it to your computer via Adhoc network, then inputting the information such as your WiFi's SSID, encryption type and your wifi passkey. Without doing this step, you will not be able to find anything.
    iRule Customer Support

    It's not my system. So I have never used an iPad and I have never used a Mac Laptop. Those are the only two computers in the house.

    So how exactly do I accomplish all the following steps from their instructions above.
    1. connect iPad via Adhoc network
    2. input the WiFi's SSID (how to locate the SSID, etc)
    3. input incription type (where do I get this, etc)
    4. input WiFi passkey (where do I get a passkey, etc)

    The remote control system is suppoed to work as follows
    the iPad sends commands through the wireless network to a gateway. The gateway is a little wireless box that in turn sends IR (InfraRed remote signals) to the various home theater devices. The gateway is

    Global Cache iTach WF2IR

    The problem is that there is no Windows based PC in this house and it seems the instructions are geared toward a Windows PC.

    Thank you,
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    Jun 26, 2011
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    Can't help with the adhoc part.

    Wifi SSID is the name one assigns to the wifi network. This is the same name that shows up when one scans for wifi networks on a wifi-enabled device.

    Encryption type is assigned by the administrator of the wifi network. If one scans for networks on most wifi devices, a network will show up as locked or unlocked. If unlocked, then there is no encryption. If locked, then one must know the type.

    If locked, then one needs a passkey. The owner of the wifi network must give that to you.

    If one has direct access to the router, it is not too difficult to take an ethernet cable and connect a computer and get access to the router settings, where all these things can be found. However, it is possible that the router access is password protected, so you would have to get this from the owner.

    If you are simply trying to connect the iPad to a wifi network, then simply go to settings, find the wifi tab, make sure the wifi is turned on, and you should see what networks are available, if any. Pick the right one. You will still need the passkey if encrypted, but you should ask whoever owns this system for this. Unless you are a hacker with skills found mostly in movies, you will not be able to access an encrypted wifi without it.

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