iPad apps for *group* language learning: what works/doesn't work?

Discussion in 'iPad at School' started by javamex, Oct 26, 2013.

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    I started another thread relating to individual language learning, but I'm interested here in any teachers'/students' thoughts on using iPads for group-based language learning activities. For example:

    - what areas of language learning have you found group activities using iPads most effective for (vocal learning? grammar? pronunciation?...)
    - what student-iPad ratio do you use/tends to be most effective?
    - are there any particular types of apps/activities/features that you have found most helpful/engaging for group (language) learning? (e.g. ones that are more quiz-based, ones that are more/less interactive, ones that make more/less of multimedia, ones that use AirPlay to a whiteboard....?)

    As I mentioned in another thread, I'm asking because I'm a developer myself and looking to develop some more language apps. I have developed one or two simple ones, but concentrating on individual tasks: I'm also interested in how iPads are used in groups and what people think does and doesn't work. Look forward to seeing people's thoughts!


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