iPad Apples Wallet (joke and intro)

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    No seriously, I've been a major Mac boy for basically two decades. Although I'm not one of those uber-fanatical types. I hate the vast majority of Apple's ads for their Mac products. To pretentious and stuck up. They really should be advertising some of the advanced features of the OS. Basic shit like adding items to the sidebar or to top bar of the Finder Window. The ability to drag and drop files into the Open/Save windows and have it jump to those folders instead of moving the item. Simple (yet intermediate) awesome junk like that, not bashing the competition.

    I was late to the iPod game because I didn't like how the product functioned. I have an aversion to expensive handheld mechanical based electronics (spindle hard drive MP3/MP4 players). Solid non-moving flash memory makes me far more comfortable with my handhelds.

    That said when I got my iPod Touch I was happy, it was kind of what I was looking for in a portable handheld (Media player, PDA-ish device, minor entreatment, and minor work platform). Now Apple has made me sad, because everything I wanted is in the iPad and more. With iWorks and the bigger screen... if I had know the iPad in this form was coming at that price I would have waited :(. The iPad looks like it'll do everything I wanted out of the iPod (as the iPod didn't really have a good or practical office like tools).
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    I've only been an Apple fan for a few years. I wouldn't buy a Mac until they switch over to Intel Processors. Wouldn't purchase an iPod until the touch came out.

    I wasn't a fan or owner of the iPod until the touch was released. I stuck with my cheapy dell mp3 player that I could easily drag and drop mp3 files onto it.

    The good thing about all Apple products is they always hold a good value. If you wanted to sell your iPod touch to upgrade, you would be able to get a very fair price for it.

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    Jan 23, 2010
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    Wheres the joke?J/K.

    Welcome to the site!:)

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