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Discussion in 'AirPrint' started by tawcat, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Disregard, thanks

    When I first bought my iPad I purchased two apps, Pages and Print n Share. At the time I owned a PC, well I just purchased an iMac. All the setup went slicker than grease on a pole. Only problem I'm having is I haven't figured out how to print from the iPad. With the PC I had d/l'd a program (app) called WePrint and I could print om the iPad to my networked printer.

    Anyone know how or what I need to do to setup up iPad printing? Oh and I changed out the printer to a wireless printer, but that shouldn't have any bearing on the problem.

    I'm leaving the body in case someone else may have experienced this problem. I figured out how to setup the network printer via Print n Share.

    All I can say is, I should have switched to Mac a long long time ago. Setting stuff up is so easy. My wife commented that she figured I was liking it. I asked her why? She said, "you weren't cussing!". She's right!!!!!
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    If you leave your Mac on most of the time it might be worth your time to check out Printopia. This will let you use the native AirPrint feature of many apps, including Pages.

    You can also print directly (pdf files) to folders or compatible apps on the Mac.

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