Ipad Air + Printer=MS Office

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by enigma1944, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Can you use a Ipad with a printer and MS OFFICE

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    Hello and welcome to the forum - your request is rather terse and needs clarification; first, how do you want to use MS Office which is not currently available as an app for the iPad; the online service Office 365 is an option if you need to work w/i that suite; also, MS may be bringing out Office for the iPad in the near future (check HERE). For myself, I use Apple's iWork Suite (Pages = Word; Numbers = Excel; Keynote = PowerPoint) - i.e. Pages can bring in Word files for editing. So, please explain which of these are going to be your way of using Office - may impact on your other questions?

    Second, I'm assuming that you want Word (or an equivalent, such as Pages) files to print from the iPad - correct? The easiest option is to use an AirPrint compatible printer (details HERE); printers that do not have this technology can still work w/ the iPad w/ proprietary software on a computer. Finally, files can always to sent via email, put into a cloud account, such as Dropbox, etc. and printed from another device. Dave

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