iPad Air Has Five Times Higher Adoption Rate Than iPad 4

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    Slash Gear reports today that early figures for the iPad Air’s first weekend since it went on sale last Friday show that it is already a staggering success.

    According to Fiksu’s figures, the iPad Air’s adoption rate is five times that of the iPad 4 during its first weekend, with the iPad Air being used by 0.88% of consumers who were using apps by Fiksu clients, and the iPad 4 being used by just 0.15% of Fiksu clients during its corresponding debut weekend.

    Furthermore, figures from another company, Mixpanel, show that the iPad Air had almost four times the adoption rate of the iPad mini during its debut sales weekend, generating 1.5% of all iPad traffic for its client apps, whereas the iPad mini generated 0.22% on its debut weekend.

    As Slash Gear notes, these figures show that Apple appears to have succeeded in getting consumers to upgrade to the iPad Air from older versions of the iPad, and that the Air has very much captured the imagination of consumers. We’ll know more once Apple releases the official sales figures for the opening weekend, which should be any day now.

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    iPad Air Adoption 5X That Of iPad 4 After Opening Weekend, Says Fiksu | TechCrunch

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