iPad Air charging issue...sorry, I know it's been done to death

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by 13Tiger, Aug 30, 2016.

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    I have had my iPad Air for a few years. Recently, I have had an issue trying to charge it. Up until the last two days I have been successful, but she has given up on me. I have tried the following...

    A hard reset
    A new lightening cable
    The charger works fine as I use it for my iPhone
    I have plugged it into my desktop
    Cleaning out any areas where dust may be

    I feel that the issue may be the lack of contact between the cord and iPad itself. I have moved it around to different powerpoints and eventually after reinserting it several times, the battery symbol would turn to green and the lightening bolt would appear.
    I live in Australia. Do I have any other option apart from taking it back to the Apple Store for repair? Has anyone had a similar experience to me?

    Thanks guys.
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    Hello - first, I'm assuming that you are using a 10W iPad charger (i.e. 5V x 2A) and also that the lightning cables are quality ones and that those not working w/ the iPad do charge your other iDevices.

    Second, explain further 'cleaning out any areas where dust may be' - I'm assuming that you 'cleaned out' the lightning port? If so, what methods did you use? Lint/debris can accumulate in that port and cause charging problems - there are some 'dos & donts' - see this lively MacRumors Discussion.

    Using a bright flashlight, examine the inside of the lightning port for any foreign matter; if present, then decide if you want to try a 'cleaning' - I would NOT use compressed air - might enter and potentially damage adjacent electronics and also be contaminated w/ water; a small computer vacuum is an option; finally, using a thin non-metallic probe would be another consideration (some 'safe' ones are mentioned in the link above) - keep in mind that the tiny pins inside this port are on the bottom. If none of this helps and you are still having charging issues, then a visit to an Apple store may be in order - good luck. Dave :
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    There have been instances of charging ic failures on the ipad air. These will require board level repair by a third party , Apple will only offer you an out of warranty exchange. With that being said, try a known working 10-12w charger and cable and leave it sit over night.

    question: have you used non Apple Chargers and cables with your device?

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