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    After browsing through the forums, I have yet to come across any related to the iPad Air specifically. If I overlooked it, my deepest apologies. With that being said, I welcome everyone to discuss which iPad Air you currently own (Color, Capacity, Carrier- if applicable) What cases/accessories are you using? how are you using your iPad? Any apps you could share that increase usability and productivity. This is an "anything" goes thread for iPad Air owners.

    I will start:

    I have the White/Silver 64GB WiFi/LTE AT&T Model. I have the Red Smart Cover for around the house (sometimes) and I also just recently picked up the Zagg Folio Keys Case!! Let me be the first to tell you, I have a profound HATE for keyboard cases. Most of them do it all wrong: bulky, cheap looking/feeling, garbage keyboards, non-protective. This one though, WOW! From the aesthetics down to the functionality is a home run - in fact I'm typing this on it right now:) The keyboard is SPOT on. It literally looks like a White MacBook Air!! People @ work have already asked how I got a White MBA.. Enough said. Chime in and lets converse!
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    I have the 64gb silver , I just bought the leather case from apple. I know I could have gotten the exact same type of case for 10 bucks on amazon, but I love the leather case I bought for my phone (from apple). I'll probably end up getting a keyboard case at some point, for now I'm loving the OFFICIAL Apple leather smart case

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