iPad Ahead of the Pack in Corporate World According to Analysts

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Even very soon after its release the iPad seemed to be doing particularly, and in some ways, surprisingly, well in the corporate world. Companies adopted it very early on, unlike the iPhone which took a little longer for business to warm to. It appears that trend is continuing, judging by a story on Tech Trader Daily which notes a report by Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes, who says that the iPad is “running far ahead of its tablet competition and it’s their game to lose.†Reitzes came to this conclusion following a conference call with a research analyst at Forrester Research about how the iPad is faring in the corporate world. Reitzes goes on to say that there is room for other companies, such as Google with the Android and RIM with the Playbook, but presently, Apple is way in the lead, and is the “Winner in the consumerization of IT.†According to the report, Forrester believes the tablet computer can co-exist with smartphones and laptops, but having a tablet does tend to delay laptop replacement.

    Finally, the report reveals that Barclays is expecting great things of the iPad this year, predicting that of the 47 million estimated tablet sales expected in 2011, 33.7 million of them will be iPads.

    Source: AAPL: iPad Leading In IT ‘Consumerization,’ Says Barclays - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.com
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    Uh, the iPad IS the pack at this point. So its not exactly surprising.

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