Ipad about to become a frisbee

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Audreysboxerzoo, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    First post, need help before I feed it to my mastiffs.

    I literally just bought this Ipad yesterday from Verizon. (WIFI only).
    Plugged it into Itunes, yada yada yada. Of course Itunes wants to update my version to 4.3.1. Under the summary it says my current version is 3.2.2.

    Well I've been trying for 2 days and have yet to enjoy my Ipad at all. I'm about ready to take it back. I'm new to Apple and I'm getting a sour taste.

    First it gives me a message saying unable to download because my network connection timed out. So, I did a search. Disabled my firewall and downloaded the file right from apple (took 30 minutes), did the shift - update trick and thought it would actually work. Nope. Now I get an unknown error message unable to update.

    I've even done the whole recovery thing and it's still in the 3.2.2 version and I cant run my time warner cable app which is one of the MAIN reasons I got this thing. :confused:
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    Audrey, personally what I would do is go back to Apple if it isn't too far, and have them set it up for you. They are awesome.

    Until someone can further assist you better than me, and that is probably everyone ~ do a hard reset. Hold the power button and the home button down together and wait for the Apple Logo ~ and then let it kick back on.

    Some also try a different computer as well. Hang in there ~ iTunes doesn't play well with me either. Very mean!

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