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    ARM just introduced some new processors. Of particular interest is the A7. It is a processor that is designed for super efficiency operations, probably comparable in performance to the A6. Because of the manufacturing process, it will run faster, cooler, and be smaller. And it will be much cheaper. While not designed to be a power house, ARM has found a way to combine it with a more powerful processor like the A15, and has a progrm that can alternate use between the A7 for light duty and the A15 for heavy duty. This process will allow manufacturers to have have power and long battery life. The future possibilities hold a lot of promise. It could also lead to a two tier tablet system. The A7 in the bargain units, and the A7/A15 combination in the upper tier units. I would also expect that it would be ready for the iPad 4 since they have introduced it now. That gets them about a year to finish the design and set up the manufacturing.

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