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    Hi all
    I have a iPad 2 and lately whatever I'm doing with it whether it be watching you tube or on Facebook Twitter it's okay for about 10 mins then just switches off back to start up page. I've done all the updates after a good clean out but still it switches off any ideals.
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    Try force closing the apps that are crashing: double tap the Home button to show the App Switcher. Then slide the thumbnails towards the top of the screen.

    Also try resetting your iPad: press and hold Home and Power button until you see the Apple logo. Let go of both as soon as it appears, your iPad will power up on it's own. This kind of reset won't remove data or change settings.

    In case you updated over the air (Settings - General - Software Update on your iPad):
    Use iTunes on your computer to restore your device. This will install a fresh, bug-free version of the latest software on your iPad, and this could help with your problem as well. Before restoring, make sure there's a most recent backup to restore from.

    Hope that helps.
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