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By PhilSynowiec on Mar 21, 2011 at 8:13 PM
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    In this video we will be comparing the iPad 2 to the iPhone 4's camera. Both cameras shoot video at 720p but only one takes great photos. While the video on the iPad is not half bad, the picture taking quality, since it is not meant to be a photo camera, is horrible. Apple really screwed the pooch on this one by not adding a good quality cam. You pay $500+ for a device that is the best in the market and the cameras being the new cool thing joining the iPad family, at least do it right.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Mar 21, 2011.

    1. j0yful
      great comparison!
    2. andsoitgoes
      Okay - I was going to write a whole rant on this, but whatever.

      The iPad 2 was never designed for taking pictures. Video, yes. Pictures, no. It's not perfect, but neither is the iPod touch. And something is better than nothing.

      Take it or leave it, Apple didn't promise us anything, but still delivered.

      If Apple said "We're going to put in high quality still image taking cameras in the iPad" and delivered this, that was one thing. But they didn't.
    3. texaslonghorn
      Phil - you mentioned document scanning. Have you tested the quality of scans taken with the iPad 2 camera? That is a major feature for me as currently I use my iPhone for scanning, then have to import onto the iPad (a pain at times). I would be very interested in seeing you review iPad 2 scan capabilities.
    4. gentlefury
      And this is why I'm so pissed that iMovie wont work on my iPad simply because it doesn't have a camera! I wouldn't be taking video on the damn thing anyway! I would use my iPhone to take video and edit on iPad! Come on apple....I have both products, let me use them fully!

      As far as I'm seeing from other sites that side loaded iMovie on iPad 1, it runs perfectly fine!
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    5. Demandarin
      I have imovies on my ipad1. It runs fine. Only thing is it's a pain to get it ti recognize the mp4 vids already in my iPad. Since I never sync to iTunes, I've found a workaround using Reel Director & Imovies together. Wrks for me ;-)
    6. SheerLuckHolmes
      This basically does it for me. I've been waiting for the months it will take for Apple to start offering refurbished iPad 2s. (Yes I am cheap & I will not wait in lines or wait excessive waits for shipment)(But I will wait for refurbs....hmmmmm)
      I will hang onto my iPad1 and wait for iPad 3. If they do not add a decent camera, I'll wait again.

      Not angry or upset with Apple at all. They make their choices and I will make mine.
    7. andsoitgoes
      I have seen nothing but problems with people using iMovie on the original iPad. From not being able to export files longer than 2 minutes, and not being able to sync properly afterwards, I can't see it being a workable solution.

      That said, I am interested in seeing if it works anywhere near as well on the original iPad as it does on the iPad 2.
    8. gentlefury

      But there is no officially supported method to install it. You either have to jailbreak or sideload with dev tools.

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