iPad 2 to Take Us Into the Post-PC era, Apple States

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2 in March and he then stated that the tablet would open the door to the post-PC era. Apple’s CEO unveiled iOS 5 at WWDC yesterday and it appears that his previous prophesy has come true, since the new iOS will enable Apple’s products to be PC free. Users will be able to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as soon as they have taken it out of the box. All they need is an iTunes account and wireless synching and they can forget about synchronizing the content to their PCs.

    iCloud is another Apple service that would make PCs a bit obsolete as it will become the center where all data content is kept. Users will only need a wireless connection to access the data and all the available updates from the cloud. However, Apple has not invented the wheel; Google is using the concept of cloud computing for its Chromebooks too. Apple has only taken up the idea and made it simpler and more efficient. Another interesting novelty from Apple is iMessage. The service will let all iOS users (including iPad and iPod Touch owners) to chat without having to send SMSs. Apple has "borrowed” the idea from Blackberry’s Messenger service, some suggest.

    It appears that iOS 5 also aims at making third-party apps redundant. For example, the new Safari will let users save their favorite articles, thus replacing Instapaper’s or Read It Later’s functionality while the photo editing option, will make Photoshop Express superfluous.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: Telegraph
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    I hope by PCs you mean MacBooks too. If not, then Jobs earlier predictions simply meant he was doing a great sales pitch for a new product... Not really a forecast!! I get really suspicious when Jobs predictions perfectly point to a new product from Apple in the next few months!

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