iPad 2 to support Touchless Technology

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    eyeSight Mobile Technologies , the developer of the Touch Free technology has confirmed that the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 now support this technology as well, which means that iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users can operate their gadgets by hand gestures.

    The iOS has thus joined Android, Windows, Linux and MeeGo in the select club of the devices that support eyeSight's Hand Gesture Recognition Technology.

    "We are excited to broaden our software offering to iOS, and look forward to being part of the App store market. [...] users can easily consume content, operate applications and games in an easy and intuitive manner by simply moving their hands", said Gideon Shmuel, eyeSight's CEO.

    eyeSight’s technology offers users a whole new way to interact with their tablets, mobile phones, PCs, TVs other camera-enabled devices. Soon iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users will be able to control their gizmos by using hand gestures because a touchless app based on the Touch Free technology will become available in the AppStore in the near future.

    The Touch Free technology uses only the native iPhone 4 or iPad 2 camera and let users control calls, video players, music, games, web browsing and other such apps using simple hand gestures.

    By Radu Tyrsina
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    Good to know!

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