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    I've got a tech problem. This is rare, because I'm a pretty techy guy and most times I can sort things out.

    My ipad is struggling with some video imports. The only reason I bought an iPad 2 was to use imovie and well . . .

    I'm a journalist. I'm embedding with the armed forces. I want to be able to shoot video on my Sony CX110, pull the SD card out, transfer that video onto the ipad. Then edit it, lay down some basic voice over, and upload the footage directly to youtube/vimeo.

    I didn't think this was a super hard idea. But my lowest camera output is an MPG file, that while the ipad 2 can see and import this file from the SD card reader, I cannot view or edit it in any way.

    Is there an app that will let me work around this? I understand that I can run an MPG or even a nice high rez MTS file through a desktop converter that will let me play (and maybe edit?) on the ipad. But there isn't space in the back of an armoured vehicle for my desktop, or even a laptop really. Part of why the ipad was my first choice.

    Did I make the wrong purchase? Or is there some way to jump the MPEG gap and get those files into imovie? Thanks for any and all help.


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