iPad 2 Starts Rolling Out Internationally

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 25, 2011.

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    The iPad 2 has officially started rolling out in 25 more countries across the globe today, at 5pm local time in retail stores, which means that in countries such as Australia and New Zealand it has already been on sale for several hours. According to TUAW writer Chris Rawson who is based in New Zealand, stock at his local store sold out in 15 minutes. Lines are forming in queues outside stores all over the world, with Pocket-lint keeping their site updated with the queuing (as we say in the UK!) figures for Apple’s two main stores in London in Regent Street and Covent Garden (currently the biggest Apple Retail Store in the world). According to Pocket-lint, the number of people in the queue outside the Regent Street store was up to around 305 by lunchtime, getting close to the 2010 figure of 451 people in total who queued up for the first iPad. Pocket-lint also says that it has heard reports of around 400-500 people queuing up outside the Covent Garden store. Well it’s a nice sunny day, so they’re probably having a great time!

    Source: International iPad 2 launch snapshot: New Zealand, 305 in Apple Regent Street iPad 2 queue and counting - Pocket-lint
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    Good to see Americans aren't the only *** waiting in lines for a electronic device...I bought mine from apple :)...pretty british lady too ....with the clipboard :)
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