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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by sunnyr, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,
    I just bought another iPad 2 for my brother in India. :). A brand new iPad 2 in a white box from best buy. I have couple of questions and hope the forum members would help. Thank you.

    1. As i unboxed , i pressed the Home button, and the iPad screen didn't show the connect to itunes logo,instead led me thru' a series of steps like registering for itunes/apple password and it just started on its own. It works fine though ,however i found this to be weird to start without connecting to itunes. Is this considered "normal" for recent iPad 2's to start without itunes ?.

    2. What kind of travel adapter would you suggest for use in India /240V ?. I was suggested to purchase a world adapter kit from apple store for $39.00 ,but i would use only one adapter and the rest wouldn't be of any use ? Could you suggest an adapter to use in India ?
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    Not sure about an adaptor, but as to your first question, this was introduced in ios 5, to make it possible to use the iPad PC free.
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    You don't need a voltage converter,the iPad charger is designed to handle voltages up to 240 volts. You will,however,need an Indian plug adaptor. Check various online retailers for Indian plug adaptor. You should have no trouble finding one.
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