iPad 2 Rumors And Speculation (Late November 2010)

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Nov 28, 2010.

By PhilSynowiec on Nov 28, 2010 at 9:32 PM
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    2011 is getting closer and closer and for the first in the iDevice line-up to refresh we have, the iPad. The iPad 2 is set to launch early 2011 with tons of rumored features along with some we don't even know of. Apple could have something like... a robotic are come out from the headphone jack and serve your coffee ("here is some cab fare"). Well, the rumors are becoming more and more believable as the date gets closer.

    This time we have a mystical USB port to be included in the 2nd Gen. This is now a standard in Europe and since Apple has cellular devices there... they are going to have to move a few things around, meaning micro or mini USB might be on the next model. This would of course replace the dock connector, or possibly just be a second port on the iPad. We also have a retina display most likely meeting up with the line-up, sweet! Facetime camera(s) and included Gyroscope are a bit of a no brianer. Finally we might see a more slim/ more mobile change to the body(could it really get smaller?).


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Nov 28, 2010.

    1. Alex1239
      Awaiting for Ipad 2...
    2. 5er driver
      5er driver
      Right, I was thinking about getting myself an iPad for Christmas.....now I'm going to wait to see what the iPad 2 has on it.
    3. Darkrider
      Does anyone else get this when you try to watch that video: "The server is not correctly configured".

      I have seen this before when trying to watch videos here.


    4. Darkrider
      Any educated guesses as to when the Ipad 2 is coming out?

      I have a wife who wants one.
    5. SweetPoison
      I would say not before Spring of 2011.

      But who am I?;)
    6. thomaswhite@mvcs.org
      Apple employees, especially the sales people, aren't told anything with respect to dates, details, and the great stuff that we all want to know, like when the new iPad is coming out. It's not worth pestering the poor folks because the company doesn't tell them anything. BUT, that being said, I have heard it said that it would "make sense" that the iPad 2 would come out a year after the first one. Can't say where I heard it from. Take it or leave it.
    7. Dannyboy85
      This is my opinion.... The iPad is lined up to get the iPhone's handmedowns... I think your wishing to much for USB ports hdmi ports...ect. They are going to focus on improving the iPhone and the next year implementing it on the iPad. So this next refresh I'm thinking more RAM,Display,front Camera,different case(maybe),different volume & mute switch (like iphone4),better battery life,FaceTime......just makes sense why make new when you can fit it with stuff you have already for the most part implemented......;)
    8. bastones
      HDMI port is wishful thinking...if Apple doesn't even have that on their MacBooks do people honestly think Apple will bring it to the iPad? :p

      USB could happen, but perhaps micro-USB due to the thinness of the iPad.

      Camera is a no-brainer though; I think there may be a back facing camera too considering the iPad is being used by businesses, surprisingly. Consider scanning barcodes as an example.
    9. hookbill
      I took a look to see when the first post was made thinking this thread was months ago. Well, we can't be anymore "late November" then today. :)

      From the amount of advertising I see on television there is no way that a new iPad will emerge until sometime next year. This prediction, IMHO is way off.

      Edit: I think the OP was just giving an update on what speculation was at this time of the month, not when the iPad would come out.
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