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    Cape Town - The Apple iPad 2 has been in demand in the US and Asia as queues lined up at stores where the tablet

    device went on sale. In SA, though, the device launched in more muted circumstances.

    Retailers did little to advertise the launch of the hot-selling tablet and many were caught off-guard by the

    announcement that it would go on sale in the country.

    After living with the it struck me that it doesn't really require a user manual. The device is designed with an

    intuitive, simple user interface that allows one to choose what tasks you will use the device for.

    That said, in an already cluttered gadget world, finding a specific purpose for the iPad - of which Apple has sold

    nearly 20 million since the launch - proved tricky initially.

    But it grows on you.

    When the device is online (connected to a Wi-Fi network or 3G) it comes alive, allowing fast web browsing, and

    downloading of apps.
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