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    I did a search and could not find any items to help and sorry if this has been covered before.

    My neighbours son purchased an Ipad 2 for Christmas in 2011 after saving his money and combining what his parents could afford for Christmas He loves his Ipad and I do not recall seeing him with out it. Over the weekend he asked me for some help with it as he wanted to do the update and it tells him his Ipad does not have enough space with only 958MB left and the updated needs 2.5 gigs. He is a smart kid and had already deleted most of the apps and I see ony maybe 3 gigs of data on his Ipad between apps and music. I do not have a Ipad but a Iphone 4S user and have a lot more in apps and songs on mine with 5 Gigs left. I cannot find where all this storage is being used and up front not great with Mac and hoped someone here could give me some hints. They have a Mac PC and I do not beleive he has synced his Ipad yet with the PC.

    If anyone can tell me where to look to free up some space, I can see he still has 5gigs of cloud space available.

    PS the Ipad and the Iphone I use are both 16gig.
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    I would like to welcome you, our newest member, to this gorgeous online community where iPad users alike come from all walks of life to converse and share their knowledge of the revolutionary piece of technology brought into existence by Apple known as the iPad. I invite and encourage you to look around and make some new posts, we could certainly use that! Make yourself at home!
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