iPad 2 crashes VERY often

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    This spring - two weeks BEFORE the iPad 3 ;-( - I got an iPad 2, 32GB. And I have been very satisfied with it!! But during the summer I have experienced more and more often, that apps like Safari, iBook and Notability have been "jettisoned" I think they call it. They just close down. I have learned through reading Diagnostic, that it is probably due to low memory. And I have tried all the good advices, closing apps down manually, shutting down as well as resetting the iPad. I have even rebuild the whole d... thing. And the problem comes back. One of the processes that is constantly referred to in Diagnostic is dataaccessd. What is that? I have also closed down Location, even taken it off WiFi. But then it's like no fun with the iPad, isn't it.? Is it because the thing is broken or am I missing something? By the way, I think the problems started with the last OS update! Anybody out there, who can help? Thanks
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    Welcome to the iPF forum.

    A variety off issues including a corrupt or poorly written application could be affecting your new iPad 2.

    Hopefully someone who's experienced your issues or is familiar with them can offer an opinion and possible solution.

    Since your device is new and protected under warranty, may I recommend you make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple store nearest you. If there isn't an Apple outlet near you, seek out Apple Support on-line for your region.

    And please update this thread so that we know how you're doing and whether you've resolved the issue.


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