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    I downloaded the new v7 2days ago. Since then I can no longer play Zynga games on my ipad. I'm really sick about this as I had many friends/opponents on DrawSomething2. Also ios v7 rearranged all my photo albums into chronological order, all well and good but it picked up a location from maps which bears no resemblance what so ever to where I live or where the photos were taken. How can I get rid of this incorrect location? I'm finding it a struggle to find any help tips. Everyone seems to assume I am clairvoyant. Also I hate the email settings. The email icon now shows the total number of emails in my mailbox, not the number of new emails arriving as it did in v6. I wish I could turn the clock back to last week, I wish I had never updated. I've read on the net how to revert back to v6 but it's far too complicated for me.

    Ok here I am back again, 3days later, I've seen how to get rid of the email count by reading your tips on here, but you know what, I'm fed up of not being able to use my favourite game apps so I've hit on the perfect solution, and I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, I'm just going to swap iPads with my husband who has not updated yet , I threatened him with death if he did, so at weekend we are just going to sit here and reload all our favourite apps on to each other's iPads, simples! Goodbye v7.
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