iOS 8 Adoption Rate Now at 68% of iOS Devices

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    iDownload Blog reports today that new figures from Apple’s App Store Distribution support page show that 68% of iOS devices are now running iOS 8. This represents an increase of 4% from the last figures published on December 22 last year.

    Correspondingly, the iOS 7 adoption rate has fallen by 3%, and is now at just 29% of the install base. Even earlier versions of iOS are at 4%.

    As iDownload Blog points out, the numbers quoted by Apple actually come to 101%, so someone at the company has got their figures a little wrong, but the general impression is correct, however!

    Analytics company Mixpanel has also published very similar figures to Apple’s own data, saying that iOS 8 adoption is now at 69.93% of iOS devices, iO7 at 27.86%, and earlier version at 2.21%. The slight difference in Mixpanel’s and Apple’s figures is most likely due to the fact that Mixpanel’s data is in real time and Apple’s figures are from one day previous.

    Source: iDownload Blog

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