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    I just did the 15 hour download of iOS 7.0 for my iPad2 and am not too happy with it. Things aren't working the way they were. One big thing is I got used to viewing the screen from the wider horizontal position, but now every window loads horizontally and then quickly changes to the narrower vertical position and will not move back horizontally. This is driving me nuts! I can no longer move the iPad around and get the position of the pages to change from narrow to wider. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this, or must I now view all pages from the narrower vertical position? Interestingly, all apps are set horizontally the way they were before, so when I touch one, the app loads horizontally and then quickly changes to the vertical position and won't change back. Maddening!

    Thanks for the help if possible!

    EDIT: I fixed it! I unchecked "Lock Rotation" in General Settings and checked "Mute". This got my screen to unlock. Now I can view the screen in the wider horizontal position I favor.:rolleyes:

    EDIT 2: After spending some time with iOS 7.0, yeah, it's a major improvement. Now I can tap something only once; before I had to double tap a lot of times to get something to happen. The iTunes radio is a stroke of genius. Very entertaining!! :thumbs:
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