Ion keyboard question for ipad. I want to hook a paino keyboard to learn on ipad

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by HappyMexican, Jul 20, 2012.

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    I am still trying to get my brand new iPad set up. Right now I am looking into piano teaching programs. I have downloaded a few apps for learning the piano, and I now have a huge desire to hook up a piano keyboard up to the iPad. Does anyone know of a good keyboard that is compatible with learning apps on the iPad? I was looking into the ion keyboard for iPad. Has anyone looked into this, it has light up keys that match the app that they sell with it. I am a noob piano player and want to learn. It's 40 bucks on amazon right now but I am wondering if its compatible with other apps like garageband and free piano app that you can get the 500 song upGrade on. Anyone check this out yet? Hard to find I info right now cause its still new.

    Thanks for the help

    Happy Mex
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    Feb 22, 2011
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    With the iPad Midi interface from IK ( the people who make iRig for guitars) you should be able to connect any MIDI enabled keyboard.

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