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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Nathanael, Mar 18, 2013.

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    [Excuse me if this is a dupe. I just posted from the ipadforums ipad app, but I can't find the original post anywhere.]

    I've recently been experiencing an increase in intrusive popup advertising within several games I play (notably, Penguin Wings and Macala). Not banner ads, but fullscreen ads that take over the screen and require being dismissed. Often the ad will pop up in the middle of a game, disrupting the game. Annoying doesn't begin to describe these ads. [I've got example screenshots, but I can't seem to make the attachment manager behave.]

    Since they all bear the same look and feel I'm assuming either they're from an ad network that game developers are using or that I've got a spamware app on my iPad. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?
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    Are you playing these games as an app you got from the AppStore or are you accessing them over the Internet? If from the store, the ads popping up are by the design of the developer. They usually throw in ads (yes, even rude pop-ups like yours) on free apps - cause it helps pay for the developer's work (you "pay" for that free app by having to dismiss the ads).

    If you are playing an online game, it's the same scenario. The web page/game developer has coded it to throw up those ads every now and then.

    What it is not is a spamware app/virus on the iPad. As of today, there are no viruses on the iPad.

    Your only solution is to either (1) buy the full version of the app, if offered, as this usually removes the ads or (2) cease using the game. Ads are annoying - but when they are coded in by the developer(s), there is nothing a user can do. Sorry.


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