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    Hello forum members,

    I am pleased to be able to join this forum as a new Supporting Vendor. Thank you for your early "welcomes" and those yet to come.

    I am pleased to tell you, that I am selling heavy-duty, kid friendly, protective cases for the New iPad 3 and iPad2. These are not "skins". They are custom designed to protect your iPad as it is passed around to family, and friends. Not that you might drop it yourself someday, or elbow it off the coffee table! My cases are made from an expensive high-grade silicone that meets FDA Requirements for materials used in contact with food. Not that you are going to use your iPad as a cutting board. Rather, they are tough, thick, and easily washable. I offer both Bright and Business-like colors.

    These cases are for sale, and orders are fulfilled, by for U.S. customers.

    European customers have them available on,, and

    And Canadian customers are able to order them from my web site,

    A little more about me. This is a new company. I only started it because so many members of another forum that I was a member of, could not find the quality protective cases they wanted. So, being retired, and liking a challenge, I volunteered to make the cases for them. And now, I am getting feedback that iPad owners like them and are requesting them. More recently, I also purchased a new, white, 64GB iPad. My first Apple device!
    I could not resist that screen, and being an avid photographer, I had to see how iPad supports my hobby. I think my oldest daughter was born clutching an Apple, so I have made her very happy! And now, I am also making iPad cases.

    So, if you like to support new small businesses and also want the best available protection for your iPad,
    you can buy one now at Bobj iPad Cases on Amazon, and make us both happy!

    You are also invited to watch the development of my web site for other developments.

    Off the subject a little, I am also the Super-Moderator of the Networking Forum, and I have 50+ years of IT experience. I greatly enjoy solving folks networking and Wi-Fi problems. It looks like you folks have everything under control, so i will be careful not to step on any of the experts' toes here. but as a fellow forum member, feel free to ask for help on any other matter also.

    Thanks again for your warm welcome.

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