Introducing Present Hunt - Christmas Themed, Arcade-Style Hidden Object Game

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    Hey Guys,

    Check out: Present Hunt for iOS iPad iPhone and iPod touch.


    It's based around the hidden object mechanic of hunt and find, but in ridding itself of the crazily detailed 3d rendered scenes and slow casual play, it utilizes crisp vector art on a 2d plane, with the objects you need to find, (presents) dynamically spawning all over the map. Different types of presents (worth different values) keep spawning to replace the ones you've found; and with bonus games and time boosters to collect, you could theoretically find an unlimited amount of objects in any one of the 7 levels we included.

    You can scroll in any direction all over the maps which are bigger than the device screen, and the quicker you cover ground, the better. The action of collecting the hidden items calls for the player to swipe each present into Santa's bag and there's nothing better than hearing the sound of a bunch of presents hitting the bag in a row, earning score multipliers and and smashing all time high's. :)

    So you can see the arcade elements we built it around, as the end goal becomes a challenge to continue to beat your high score individually for each level and raise your total score for the levels combined.

    You can check out a quick video we made here:

    Our internal music team also came out with 4 original remakes of some classic Christmas songs to go along with your present hunting. We come from a music background so we set it up nicely with audio! Being our first actual, "game" category app, it was a bit of an extension for us but we had a blast making it and are having one playing it as well. We would love to do some updates and evolve this gameplay mechanic, so let us know if you have any feedback.



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