Introducing a New Concept in iPad Stands

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    Bweasel, LLC is introducing the Bweasel stand for the iPad. The Bweasel is so much more than just a one-function-stand.

    The 3-oz Bweasel attaches to the iPad forming a unit, thus enabling you to sit at a table, lounge, lie in bed and even stand for hours while using the iPad in total comfort. With the Bweasel attached, it is easy to hold the iPad without having to maintain a tight grip. This feature is also useful for taking photographs or videos with iPad 2.The unit is great at your bedside, with charging cable attached, ready to wake you up and present you with the morning news, music, tweets, etc before you rise for the day.

    The Bweasel stows, attached to the iPad, in off-the-shelf soft sleeves. The Bweasel kickstand is fully adjustable to support the iPad at any angle from nearly vertical to nearly horizontal. The friction of the Bweasel kickstand is adjustable by tightening or loosening the knurled thumbnuts to your preference so you will be able to touch, tap or poke the iPad screen until your heart's content. It is also a convenient stand while using a keyboard.

    The Bweasel for the original iPad is now available and a Bweasel for the iPad 2 is expected to be available in June. Shipping to US addresses is free. The Bweasel is proudly made in the USA.

    Visit our web site for additional information.

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