Interactive websites access--Can it be done?

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    Hello all,
    I have done my "homework" searching these forums related to Flash (I understand it's a touchy subject among some folks). My specific question is realted to accessing interactive classrooms that require Flash and Java applications. I adore my iPad and would love to elliminate carrying around my bulky laptop ONLY because I have to have the ability to access interactive sites for work :(
    Is there ANY way to access interactive sites with the iPad?

    P.S. I'm a novice, so go easy on me...
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    There are a few browsers for the iPad that 'sort of' support Flash by hosting the content on the company's website. iSwifter is the one favoured by many Members and there's a free, limited-viewing-time, version available so you could check it out to see if it works for you. The results can be unpredictable and are never entirely satisfactory and certainly depend on a good Internet connection.

    Another option is to use a remote desktop program from your iPad to your PC. I use Splashtop (again there's a lite version available for you to try out). This allows you complete control over your PC from your iPad including playing Flash content on your PC, which is then relayed (including sound) to your iPad. Again, it requires a good Internet connection but I've found it works just fine. Splashtop is almost magical because it can 'find' your PC from absolutely anywhere in the world without any complicated setting up of your router.


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