Inquiring minds want to know ? Col. Bris.

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    I don't beleive I've ever talked with someone from Australia . But Col. Bris,
    Is New Zealand like .........Australia 's Australia? Huhuhaa . I plan to visit Australia in the next couple of years , and CAN. NOT . WAIT. . I was also doing my homework on ,
    Tenant creek, Alice springs , Queensland , Canberra , many other places and they all seem exciting . But while there was curious about New Zealand as well. Any way , just
    Curious . Like I am a southerner from the states and in the Deep South we have our critters as well . But YALL ,, man they're great . So like the platypus and koalas are
    Something's I've never seen . But like what in heck is a kiwi . Huhuh oh my .
    No disrespect .... Any way I call NewZealand Australia s Australia.
    I like to imagine that even New Zealand s Critters are strange to Australians
    Huhuhaha. Have a great day man ........ Later

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