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    Hi Guys,

    I just tried to use cheat for infinity blade2 for extra gold coins, works fine at first however i just found out after progressing in the game that current stage wouldn't save after you turn-off your device or tried to kill the apps. You'll have to start all over again once you launch the game. Tried to uninstall the game and turn on the documents and data at icloud, only to find out that it will restore the initial game status prior to use of the cheat.

    Is there a way you could use the cheats and have your progress be saved at game center and no need to start all over again when you tried to reboot your device. In addition, is there a way to delete a game data at game center?

    Appreciate your comments and advise on this. Really want to use the infinity blade throughout the game, hehehehe...

    Thanks guys..

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