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    I've just bought an ipad mini and thought it was ok to let daughter on. I couldn't believe that it's so easy to spend money via games! Is this legal? I was under the impression that I would have to tap in my password. I'm on IOS7 a should this happen or is it me facing a really steep learning curve? The particular game in question is called something 'penguins', I was so cheesed off I've tried to delete it so it doesn't happen again. Can anyone give me any advice - other than 'don't let your daughter use ipad!'. Thanks
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    The best advice I can give you is to disable in app purchases so that your daughter can't buy anything in the game. To disable in app purchases on the iPad go to Settings>General>Restrictions>In-App Purchases and turn the switch off. Make sure that your daughter does not know your restrictions password.

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    Settings > General > Restrictions > Require Password > Set it to Immediately.

    And don't let your child see the password of course. :D
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    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    I see you have already been given the right advice on how to stop this happening.....but I will also add that Apple have shown that they have refunded many parents for in app purchases that their children have done, so I thought you may just like to try this avenue. You will need receipt info for these purchases and you should receive these by email from Apple.....these are not always sent straight away and some take a few days for you to receive. Once you have this info, there's no harm in trying to get a refund if you so choose. Here is the Email Support Address.

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