iCloud vs. iDisk

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by tyro, Oct 29, 2011.

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    iDisk is going away, and iCloud doesn't work the same way. I have tons of stuff in iDisk, especially from Pages, which is not on the iPad. From Pages I can back up to it, delete a file from the ipad to unclutter, then get it back if/when I want it. I don't need a computer to do it. I've been waiting for iCloud before deciding if I need to replace my 5 year old Vaio, and much to my dismay I need to more than before. The iCloud control bar will not download to a pre-Vista OS, so managing the content is impossible since it can't be done from Safari on the iPad.

    I already use Dropbox and have started to use Box, but uploading from Pages on iPad doesn't seem to be an option. I used webDav until they wanted a monthly fee, and haven't found another way. I thought the new iOS would make computers less necessary, not more!

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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