icloud not syncing on all devices

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by etaf, Aug 26, 2015.

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    icloud not syncing on all devices

    A friend has an iphone, ipad and windows PC with apple control panel - all with the same appleID/icloudID

    Up until Aug 8th - all devices kept in sync with photos

    Now the ipad has only updated to 8th aug

    Logged into the icloud.com website
    and all photos are there

    Photo stream switched on
    ipad and iphone on iOS 8.4
    Windows PC on Windows 8.1

    If I take a photo on the ipad - it goes to the iphone only
    iphone photos are not going to the ipad or windows pC

    The ipad had an album photo stream
    I got her to reset the ipad - using power and home button
    the photo stream album disappeared

    i went to log out of the apple control panel - only to be told all photos on apple icloud drive will be deleted - so did not do that

    As none of the photos on the PC are backed up, i have recommended she backup all the photos on the windows PC and then we can logout of control panel

    any one have a suggestion ?

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